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A panoramic view and swot analysis of artificial intelligence for achieving the sustainable development goals by 2030: progress and prospects
This study aims at providing a snapshot and comprehensive view of the progress made and prospects in the relationship between artificial intelligence technologies and the SDGs.
Sentiment Analysis in TripAdvisor
An analysis is developed for studying the matching between users’ sentiments and automatic sentiment-detection algorithms in TripAdvisor as a source of data for sentiment analysis tasks.
What do people think about this monument? Understanding negative reviews via deep learning, clustering and descriptive rules
The methodology combines three off-the-shelf algorithms: (1) deep learning for extracting aspects, (2) clustering for joining together similar aspects, and (3) subgroup discovery for obtaining descriptive rules that summarize the polarity information of set of reviews.
Tweet Coupling: a social media methodology for clustering scientific publications
We argue that classic citation-based scientific document clustering approaches, like co-citation or Bibliographic Coupling, lack to leverage the social-usage of the scientific literature originate