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—The fuzzy linguistic approach has been applied successfully to many problems. However, there is a limitation of this approach imposed by its information representation model and the computation methods used when fusion processes are performed on linguistic values. This limitation is the loss of information caused by the need to express the results in the(More)
Genetic algorithms play a signiicant role, as search techniques for handling complex spaces, in many elds such as artiicial intelligence, engineering, robot-ic, etc. Genetic algorithms are based on the underlying genetic process in biological organisms and on the natural evolution principles of populations. These algorithms process a population of(More)
In a linguistic framework, several group decision making processes by direct approach are presented. These processes are designed using the linguistic ordered weighted averaging (LOWA) operator. To do so, first a study is made of the properties and the axiomatic of LOWA operator, showing the rationality of its aggregation way. And secondly, we present the(More)
The purpose of this paper is to study a fuzzy multipurpose decision making problem, where the information about the alternatives provided by the experts can be of a diverse nature. The information can be represented by means of preference orderings, utility functions and fuzzy preference relations, and our objective is to establish a general model which(More)
In a recently published paper in JMLR, Demšar (2006) recommends a set of non-parametric statistical tests and procedures which can be safely used for comparing the performance of classifiers over multiple data sets. After studying the paper, we realize that the paper correctly introduces the basic procedures and some of the most advanced ones when comparing(More)
A study on the steps to follow in linguistic decision analysis is presented in a context of multi-criteria=multi-person decision making. Three steps are established for solving a multi-criteria decision making problem under linguistic information: (i) the choice of the linguistic term set with its semantic in order to express the linguistic performance(More)
The interest in nonparametric statistical analysis has grown recently in the field of computational intelligence. In many experimental studies, the lack of the required properties for a proper application of parametric procedures – independence, normality, and homoscedasticity – yields to nonparametric ones the task of performing a rigorous comparison among(More)
In decision making, in order to avoid misleading solutions, the study of consistency when the decision makers express their opinions by means of preference relations becomes a very important aspect in order to avoid misleading solutions. In decision making problems based on fuzzy preference relations the study of consistency is associated with the study of(More)
In recent years, there has been a growing interest for the experimental analysis in the field of evolutionary algorithms. It is noticeable due to the existence of numerous papers which analyze and propose different types of problems, such as the basis for experimental comparisons of algorithms, proposals of different method-ologies in comparison or(More)