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Lectin histochemistry is a useful method that allows the in situ identification of the terminal sugar moieties of the carbohydrates that form the glycoconjugates. Moreover, when it is combined with chemical or enzymatic deglycosylation pretreatments, lectin histochemistry can be employed to determine if carbohydrates are linked to the protein core by means(More)
SUMMARY Advances in computer technologies have enabled scientists to explore research issues in their respective domains at scales greater and finer than ever before. The availability of efficient data collection and analysis tools presents researchers with vast opportunities to process heterogeneous data within a distributed environment. To support the(More)
The origin of the acrosome is controversial, because of both its lysosomal nature and at the moment of its appearance, which seems to be species-specific. Considering the amazing organization shown by the acrosome of some urodele amphibians, HPA-colloidal gold cytochemistry was used to analyze the biogenesis of the acrosome in the urodele Pleurodeles waltl(More)
SUMMARY The Grid has proven to be a successful paradigm for distributed computing. However, constructing applications that exploit all the benefits that the Grid offers is still not optimal for both inexperienced and experienced users. Recent approaches to solving this problem employ a high-level abstract layer to ease the construction of applications for(More)
Addressing the management challenges for a multitude of distributed cloud architectures, we focus on the three complementary cloud management problems of predictive elasticity, admission control, and placement (or scheduling) of virtual machines. As these problems are intrinsically intertwined we also propose an approach to optimize the overall system(More)
Grid computing aims at managing resources in a heterogeneous distributed environment. The Globus Toolkit provides a set of components that can be used to build applications that function in a grid computing system. Presently, applications are typically handcrafted either by using an Application Programming Interface (API) interacting through a set of(More)
Mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) is an aggressive type of B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma associated with poor prognosis. Implementation of high-dose cytarabine (araC) into induction therapy became standard-of-care for all newly diagnosed younger MCL patients. However, many patients relapse even after araC-based regimen. Molecular mechanisms responsible for araC(More)
We examine some issues that arise when using both local and Grid resources in scientific workflows. Our previous work addresses and illustrates the benefits of a lightweight and generic workflow engine that manages and optimizes Grid resource usage. Extending on this effort, we here illustrate how a client tool for bioinformatics applications employs the(More)
In the same manner that e-learning applications are becoming increasingly important at the university, there are still some critical questions that should be solved with the objective of making use of the potential offered by current Web Technologies. The creation of contents that are able of capturing the attention of interest of the students and their(More)