Francisco Hernández-Torres

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BACKGROUND Pitx2 (paired-like homeodomain 2 transcription factor) is crucial for heart development, but its role in heart failure (HF) remains uncertain. The present study lays the groundwork implicating Pitx2 signalling in different modalities of HF. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS A variety of molecular, cell-based, biochemical, and immunochemical assays(More)
relevantes del fallecimiento. Epidemiological profile of mortality due to human influenza A (H1N1) in Mexico. Abstract Objective. To carry out the epidemiological analysis of 122 influenza A (H1N1) deaths confirmed by laboratory and help to improve the diagnosis and timely managing of cases. Material and Methods. A total of 122 clinical records were(More)
Cardiovascular development is a complex process in which several transcriptional pathways are operative, providing instructions to the developing cardiomyocytes, while coping with contraction and morphogenetic movements to shape the mature heart. The discovery of microRNAs has added a new layer of complexity to the molecular mechanisms governing the(More)
Spontaneous self-terminating atrial fibrillation (AF) is one of the most common heart rhythm disorders, yet the regulatory molecular mechanisms underlying this syndrome are rather unclear. MicroRNA (miRNA) transcriptome and expression of candidate transcription factors (TFs) with potential roles in arrhythmogenesis, such as Pitx2, Tbx5, and myocardin(More)
Diverse types of stem cells represent a potentially attractive source of cardiac cells for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. However, most of the functional benefits reported for stem cell have been modest and mainly due to paracrine effects rather than differentiation into cardiomyocytes of the applied cells. Therefore, new tools need to be(More)
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