Francisco Gutiérrez

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This paper introduces a service-oriented model for the development of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems. We first describe the set of abstract primitives supported by the model, and then the semantics for a simple calculus over these primitives that provides a solid ground to develop tools for the analysis and verification of P2P specifications.
desarroOORFXOWXUDO'H DFXHUGRFRQ+XL]LQJDHQ ³+RPR /XGHQV´>@HV HOMXHJRFRQ las relaciones y habilidades que se adquieren durante el proceso de jugar las que nos impulsa en el desarrollo humano. Citando al propio Huizinga: ³(OMXHJRHVHOHMHUFLFLR PiVLPSRUWDQWHTXHHOKRPEUHSXHGHKDFHUGHVXOLEHUWDG´. El juego tiene diversas motivaciones; en las comunidades primitivas se(More)
This work proposes a framework for the design and development of Ontology Agents oriented to manage Rule Base Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (RB-FCM). The approach takes into account the foundations of the Ontology Agents and the baseline of the Fuzzy Cognitive Maps depicted by Rule Bases. With these underlying elements, a specification of a conceptualization about(More)
The aim of this work was to elucidate the molecular and biochemical mechanisms that control L-ascorbic acid (AsA) content variation in Myrciaria dubia. The AsA was quantified by high-performance liquid chromatography, gene expression by real-time quantitative PCR, and enzyme activities by spectrophotometric methods from leaves and immature fruits of two(More)
Analysis of social content for understanding people's sentiments towards topics of interest that change over time has become an attractive and challenging research area. Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques are being adapted to deal with streams of social content. New visualization approaches need also to be proposed to express, in a user friendly(More)
Recommender systems have changed the way people find products, points of interest, services or even new friends. The technology behind recommender systems has evolved to provide user preferences and social influences. In this paper, we present a first approach to develop a recommendation engine based on social metrics applied to graphs that represent(More)