Francisco Guillén-Grima

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PURPOSE There is evidence to suggest a beneficial effect of physical activity on several mental disorders. METHODS The study aim was to assess the association between low physical activity during leisure time (or sedentary lifestyles) and the incidence of mental disorders in 10,381 participants, from a Spanish dynamic prospective cohort of university(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the short term effect of air pollution on cardiovascular admissions in 14 Spanish cities METHODS The period under study was from 1995 to 1999. Daily emergency admissions for all cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and heart diseases (HD) were obtained from hospital records, and the corresponding daily levels of particulates, SO2, NO2, CO,(More)
The incidence of mycosis fungoides (MF) is low, and the aetiology of the disease is unknown. The aim of this study was to investigate whether wine consumption protects against the disease and whether smoking constitutes a risk factor. This paper is part of the European Rare Cancers Study that tries to determine the risk factors for seven selective rare(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to study the association between occupational sun exposure and mycosis fungoides (MF), a peripheral T-cell lymphoma. SUBJECTS AND METHODS A European multicenter case-control study including seven rare cases (one being MF) was conducted between 1995 and 1997. From the 118 accepted cases, 104 were interviewed, of which 76 were definite(More)
Background:Several drugs are available to treat metastatic renal-cell carcinoma (MRCC), and predictive markers to identify the most adequate treatment for each patient are needed. Our objective was to identify potential predictive markers of sunitinib activity in MRCC.Methods:We collected sequential serum samples from 31 patients treated with sunitinib.(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this research was to assess the prevalence of somatic and psychosomatic health complaints in a cross-national population of university students and to study risk factors associated with health complaints. METHODS The analysis was based on samples of first-year students from Pamplona (Spain), Bielefeld (Germany), and Kaunas(More)
The available large prospective studies supporting an inverse association between better adherence to the Mediterranean diet and lower mortality have mainly included older adults. It is not clear whether this inverse association is also present among younger individuals at lower mortality risk. Our aim was to assess the association between adherence to the(More)
Due to changes in the age structure of the population the number of frail elderly diabetics is rising. This change is accompanied by an increase in nursing care efforts and requirements in both home care services and nursing homes. The aim of this study was to evaluate the quality of care in the home care and nursing home setting concerning the structure,(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the clinical response to intratympanic administration of gentamicin in patients with Ménière's disease and to ascertain whether the pure-tone average, caloric test, or disease duration might predict clinical control. DESIGN Prospective study. Patients were followed for at least 2 years after the first injection (mean follow up time,(More)
OBJECTIVE Our aim was to evaluate the association between adherence to the Mediterranean Diet (MedDiet) and cognitive function in 823 participants (62 ± 6 years at baseline) from a Spanish prospective cohort (SUN project). METHOD A validated 136-item food frequency questionnaire was used to assess the adherence to the MedDiet at baseline. The 10-point (0(More)