Francisco Guijarro

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The production of new chemicals for industrial or therapeutic applications exceeds our ability to generate experimental data on their biological fate once they are released into the environment. Typically, mixtures of organic pollutants are freed into a variety of sites inhabited by diverse microorganisms, which structure complex multispecies metabolic(More)
Keywords: Technical analysis Pattern recognition Stock market trading rule Forecasting financial expert systems Intraday data a b s t r a c t This work presents empirical evidence which confronts the classical Efficient Market Hypothesis, which states that it is not possible to beat the market by developing a strategy based on a historical price series. We(More)
Credit risk management is a key issue for any company at anytime, but is especially important in the case of the banking industry. This fact is more than evident in times of financial crises, when financial institutions can suffer high losses due to unpaid credits. For this reason, international financial supervisors and authorities have forced banks to(More)
Index tracking aims to select portfolios that imitate the behavior of a stock index. A tracking strategy is referred to as partial when the tracking portfolio is solely formed by a subset of stocks, so enabling a substantial cost reduction in comparison with full tracking. Three criteria are usually employed in the literature when building the tracking(More)
This study describes an application of the multicriteria single price model (Ballestero) to the ranking of alternatives. By a generalization of the original model, the equilibrium set of alternatives can be characterized from the viewpoints, respectively, of the demander and the supplier, and from that the efficiency index can be calculated. We demonstrate(More)