Francisco Garcia-Cánovas

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Tyrosinase shows kinetic cooperativity in its action on o-diphenols, but not when it acts on monophenols, confirming that the slow step is the hydroxylation of monophenols to o-diphenols. This model can be generalised to a wide range of substrates; for example, type S(A) substrates, which give rise to a stable product as the o-quinone evolves by means of a(More)
Under aerobic conditions, tyrosinase is inactivated by dopa as a result of suicide inactivation, and, under anaerobic conditions, as a result of irreversible inactivation. However, tyrosine protects the enzyme from being inactivated by dopa under anaerobic conditions. This paper describes how under aerobic conditions the enzyme acting on tyrosine is not(More)
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