Francisco García Martín

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Reproductive performance of five breeds (81% Holstein or Jersey) in the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station herd was evaluated from data collected over 20 yr. Data represented 1144 parturitions after gestations greater than 250 d with all twin births excluded. Number of services per conception was not affected by age at first insemination. Mean age of(More)
An experiment was conducted to determine the effects of long-term feeding of cottonseed meal on the reproductive traits of Holstein bulls. Holstein bulls approximately 6 mo of age were placed on the following treatments: 1) soybean meal + corn (CON); 2) cottonseed meal + corn (GOS); and 3) cottonseed meal + 4,000 IU vitamin E x bull(-1) x d(-1) (G+4E). The(More)
Fifty-two multiparous Holstein cows were randomly assigned to receive 0 or 20 mg of biotin/d starting at an average of 16 d prepartum and then switched to 0 or 30 mg of biotin/d from calving through 70 d postpartum to determine whether supplemental biotin would affect cow performance, hepatic lipidosis, and plasma metabolites. Mean concentration of biotin(More)
Brush-border membrane vesicles prepared from midguts of Manduca sexta larvae were incorporated into planar phospholipid bilayers. Addition of Bacillus thuringiensis delta-endotoxin to the buffered salt solutions bathing these bilayers resulted in large irreversible increases in conductance. At pH 9.6, the smallest toxin-dependent increase in bilayer(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate the rate and extent of Cu repletion in Holstein heifers using two Cu sources (organic and inorganic) at two levels (15 and 30 mg/kg). An additional repletion treatment included a Cu oxide bolus. Heifers (n = 50) were individually fed a total mixed ration fortified with S and Mo at 0.40%, and 15 mg/kg of dry matter(More)
Estimates of the repeatability and heritability of 19 measures of performance in Jersey cows were obtained using an animal model with a relationship matrix and a derivative-free restricted maximum likelihood algorithm. The data consisted of 935 records for 374 cows by 69 sires over the period 1969-1987. The estimates were similar to those obtained by(More)
Effects of stage of lactation and pregnancy and their interactions on 17 milk yield and constituent traits of Holsteins and Jerseys were studied. Data were 11,120 Jersey and 11,092 Holstein daily milk samples. After adjustment for all other known and systematic genetic and environmental effects, stage of lactation influenced all traits and accounted for(More)
The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of transportation and commingling on measures of the acute-phase protein response in newly weaned beef calves. Thirty-two (Exp. 1; average BW = 266 +/- 20.8 kg) and thirty-six (Exp. 2; average BW = 222 +/- 34.6 kg) Brahman-crossbred calves were randomly allotted to one of four treatments (2 x 2(More)
Efficient utilization of biosolids P for agronomic purposes requires accounting for differences in the phytoavailability of P in various biosolids. Greenhouse studies were conducted with a common pasture grass grown in two P-deficient soils amended with 12 biosolids and a commercial fertilizer (triple superphosphate, TSP) to quantify P uptake and to assess(More)