Francisco Ganhão

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Biopsy documented polyarteritis nodosa in a patient who initially presented with ocular involvement. Although uncomun, a wide variety of ocular manifestations can be seen in polyarteritis nodosa. In this case, bilateral choroidal vasculitis was documented, first in the left eye, and one year later, in the right eye. The condition appears to be an acute(More)
PURPOSE The Birdshot retinochoroidopathy is a rare chronical intraocular inflammatory disease. The authors made a comparative study of the disease's clinical manifestations and its response to therapy. METHODS We selected five patients who had ocular inflammation which presented on the ocular fundus examination typical multifocal yellow-white patches of(More)
Traditionally, a packet with errors, either due to channel noise or collisions, is discarded and needs to be retransmitted, leading to performance losses. Network Diversity Multiple Access (NDMA) handles collisions by combining a multipacket detection scheme with time diversity. In NDMA, the base station (BS) forces mobile terminals (MTs) to transmit J(More)
— DTIA (Dynamic Topological Information Architecture), an inter-domain routing architecture, assumed the existence of " regions of domains " to offer a scalable solution for the Internet. The way regions can be connected and how traffic flow amongst them is not a trivial aspect and can jeopardize the solution proposed for intra-region traffic. This paper(More)