Francisco Flores

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Melatonin has been shown to exert potent antinociception but the sites and mechanisms of action underlying this effect have not yet been clarified. The effect of melatonin on spinal cord nociceptive transmission was studied in rats by assessing wid-up activity in a C-fiber reflex responses paradigm evoked by repetitive (0.6 Hz) electric stimulation.(More)
Melatonin has been shown to inhibit long-term potentiation (LTP) in hippocampal slices of rats. Since LTP may be one of the main mechanisms by which memory traces are encoded and stored in the central nervous system, it is possible that melatonin could modulate cognitive performance by interfering with the cellular and/or molecular mechanisms involved in(More)
The effects of systemically and intrathecally administered ketamine on spinal wind-up of normal and monoarthritic rats were studied by using C-fiber reflex responses evoked by repetitive (0.6 Hz) electric stimulation. Both systemic and intrathecal ketamine induced dose-dependent depression of wind-up activity in normal rats, as revealed by the dose-related(More)
During low arousal states such as drowsiness and sleep, cortical neurons exhibit rhythmic slow wave activity associated with periods of neuronal silence. Slow waves are locally regulated, and local slow wave dynamics are important for memory, cognition, and behaviour. While several brainstem structures for controlling global sleep states have now been well(More)
Background: The bioavailability of iron is quite low since it is usually present as insoluble complexes. To solve the bioavailability problem microorganisms have developed highly efficient iron-scavenging systems based on the synthesis of siderophores that have high iron affinity. The systems of iron assimilation in microorganisms are strictly regulated to(More)
Neuronal discharge and local field potential (LFP) oscillations in the olfactory bulb (OB) are modulated by odorant stimulation. The LFP oscillations have been proposed as the mechanism that facilitates synchronization of OB output neurons and the representation of similar odorants. Gamma LFP oscillations depend on the OB inhibitory network and early(More)
In this work, the results of a study comparing the use of irradiation from different regions of the infrared spectrum for the promotion of several organic reactions, are presented and discussed. This use of eco-conditions provides a green approach to chemical synthesis. A set of ten different organic reactions were evaluated, including the Knoevenagel,(More)
Humans and other primates move their eyes several times per second to foveate at different locations of a visual scene. What features of a scene guide eye movements in natural vision? We recorded eye movements of three monkeys during free exploration of natural scenes and propose a simple model to explain their dynamics. We use the spatial clustering of(More)
Interpretations of Einstein's equation differ primarily concerning whether E = mc 2 entails that mass and energy are the same property of physical systems, and hence whether there is any sense in which mass is ever 'converted' into energy (or vice versa). In this paper, I examine six interpretations of Einstein's equation and argue that all but one fail to(More)