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Towards a conceptualisation of smart tourists and their role within the smart destination scenario
ABSTRACT ‘Smart tourism’ and ‘smart destinations’ have been gaining attention as new frameworks within which to understand the impact the latest information and communication technologies (ICTs) haveExpand
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Smart destinations and tech-savvy millennial tourists: hype versus reality
This paper aims to contrast the expectations placed on the smart destination as a theoretical management approach with the reality of emergent tech-savvy tourism demand by examining the response ofExpand
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Influencer Marketing for Tourism Destinations: Lessons from a Mature Destination
Influencer marketing has impacted all industries, including travel and tourism. Many Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) are leveraging the influence of online personalities for diverseExpand
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Smart tourism experiences: conceptualisation, key dimensions and research agenda
«Smart tourism» has gained momentum in research fostered by the revolution of the latest generation of information and communication technologies and has rapidly become a leading stream ofExpand
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"Smart tourism experiences": conceptualización, aspectos clave y agenda de investigación
espanolEl llamado «turismo inteligente» ha ganado relevancia impulsado por la revolucion que han supuesto la ultima generacion de tecnologias de la informacion y la comunicacion, convirtiendoseExpand
Guía de Implantación de Destinos Turísticos Inteligentes de la Comunitat Valenciana
Convenio de colaboracion entre la Agencia Valenciana del Turisme y la Universitat d’Alacant para el fomento de la Investigacion e Innovacion en el Sector Turistico Valenciano (2017)
Smart tourism destinations: A demand-based approach for improving local tourism management
Smart destinations (SDs) are argued to be a destination management approach applicable and scalable to different realities (Ivars-Baidal, Celdran-Bernabeu, Mazon, & Perles-Ivars, 2017). SD concept isExpand
Emerging Scholar Profile-Dr Francisco (Paco) Femenia-Serra
My interest on research started almost by mistake, and I have to say, without being fully aware of the challenges and amazing opportunities this job entails.Some years ago, I received an email from aExpand