Francisco F. P. G. Pêra

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Human rotaviruses are the main cause of severe gastroenteritis in children and are responsible for over 500 000 deaths annually. There are two live rotavirus vaccines currently available, one based on human rotavirus serotype G1P[8], and the other a G1-G4 P[8] pentavalent vaccine. However, the recent emergence of the G9 and other novel rotavirus serotypes(More)
The spread of influenza A viruses is partially controlled and prevented by vaccination. The matrix protein 2 ectodomain (M2e) is the most conserved sequence in influenza A viruses, and is therefore a good potential target for a vaccine to protect against multiple virus subtypes. We explored the feasibility of an M2e-based universal influenza A vaccine(More)
The authors examined clinically, by EMG and by electrostimulation the motor and sensory fibers of the median nerve in 15 control hands (group A), 35 hands with the paresthetic form of CTS (group B), and 33 hands with CTS and pathologic DML (group C). The examination of the sensory fibers was performed on the first (thumb) to 4th digits separately by the(More)
The disordered velocity was reported in motoric neural fibres to have occurred in 50 traumatic ulnar lesions mainly with wrist disorders, and in 69 compressive lesions with maximum disorders on elbow region. Most pronounced were changes localized distally at the portion which included also the velocity on both the motoric plate and muscle. The maximum(More)
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