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This paper presents a novel contact-free biometric identification system based on geometrical features of the human hand. The right hand images are acquired by a commercial modified webcam with a 320x240 pixels resolution. The hand is illuminated by an infra-red light to solve segmentation problems in a real environment. The geometrical features are(More)
RadViz and star coordinates are two of the most popular projection-based multivariate visualization techniques that arrange variables in radial layouts. Formally, the main difference between them consists of a nonlinear normalization step inherent in RadViz. In this paper we show that, although RadViz can be useful when analyzing sparse data, in general(More)
PRAME belongs to a group of cancer/testis antigens (CTAs) that are characterized by their restricted expression in normal gametogenic tissues and a variety of tumors. The PRAME family is one of the most amplified gene families in the mouse and other mammalian genomes. Members of the PRAME gene family encode leucine-rich repeat (LRR) proteins functioning as(More)
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