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This paper presents a novel contact-free biometric identification system based on geometrical features of the human hand. The right hand images are acquired by a commercial modified webcam with a 320×240 pixels resolution. The hand is illuminated by an infra-red light to solve segmentation problems in a real environment. The geometrical features are(More)
RadViz and star coordinates are two of the most popular projection-based multivariate visualization techniques that arrange variables in radial layouts. Formally, the main difference between them consists of a nonlinear normalization step inherent in RadViz. In this paper we show that, although RadViz can be useful when analyzing sparse data, in general(More)
Image processing in digital computer systems usually considers the visual information as a sequence of frames. These frames are from photographs that capture reality for a short period of time. They are renewed and transmitted at a rate of 25–30 frames per second, in a typical real-time scenario. Each of these frames needs to be filtered and(More)
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