Francisco Cortes Gómez

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The androgen receptor (AR) is widely expressed in breast cancers and has been proposed as a therapeutic target in estrogen receptor alpha (ER) negative breast cancers that retain AR. However, controversy exists regarding the role of AR, particularly in ER + tumors. Enzalutamide, an AR inhibitor that impairs nuclear localization of AR, was used to elucidate(More)
Background: HIV-infected T cells are quite resistant to apoptosis. Results: Intracellular expression of HIV-1 Tat in T cells stabilized the mitochondrial membrane and reduced caspase activation mainly through NF-κB activation. Conclusion: Intracellular Tat induced resistance to FasL-mediated apoptosis in T cells mainly through the second exon. Significance:(More)
The provision of interactive m ultimedia services, such a s video-on-demand, teleshoping and distance learning, to a large number of users, still remains a challenging issue in the multimedia area. Despite of recent t e c hnological advances in all levels of the distributed multimedia infrastructure (storage, network, compression, standardization etc..),(More)
This paper describes the design of a scaleable interactive continuous media server that is realized using a distributed memory parallel computer architectures. We present a scheme for data layout, admission control and communication scheduling that provides inherent Quality of Service support for the delivery of continuous media streams from the storage(More)
This paper presents a distributed broadband multimedia information service that is realised within the project EPRI-COM that is supported by the European Union within the ACTS program. The primary idea of the EPRI-COM information service is to provide in-depth information from the Europen parliament to the parliamentarians of Central and Eastern Europe(More)
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