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If you would like to write for this, or any other Emerald publication, then please use our Emerald for Authors service information about how to choose which publication to write for and submission guidelines are available for all. Please visit www.emeraldinsight.com/authors for more information. Emerald is a global publisher linking research and practice to(More)
This paper presents a system based on electronic equipments, standard mobile phones and WLAN networks for managing evacuation routes, or for obtaining information about victims’ location and status, whenever a building collapses due to a disaster like earthquakes. The system is based on the standard Blue tooth specification to guarantee their(More)
Services based on packet switched networks are becoming dominant in telecommunication business and both operators and service providers must evolve in order to guarantee the required quality. Increasing bandwidth is no longer a viable solution because of the business erosion for network operators which cannot expect revenues due to the large investments(More)
The wireless CORBA specification provides a basic framework for wireless based mobile distributed environments, suggesting a generic solution which still hides the underlying network level details from applications. However, its application over Bluetooth networks exhibits some problems when dealing with multi-user environments, like power consumption(More)