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Male rats, under certain experimental conditions, may show lordosis, the typical expression of female sexual receptivity. This work studies the sexual morphological pattern of facilitatory and inhibitory structures that control lordosis. Three groups of males were neonatally subjected to a gradient of androgen exposure (castrated plus injected oil(More)
Autoradiography analysis of D1 and D2 dopamine receptors and c-Fos activity were performed in brain of rats classified as low drinkers (LD) and high drinkers (HD) according to schedule-induced polydipsia (SIP) performance. Previous studies have shown that groups selected according to their rate of drinking in SIP differ in behavioral response to(More)
PURPOSE Although the safety of applying omentum to the female breast for total breast reconstruction is controversial, it has recently been used to treat certain mammary disorders as well. A systematic review was therefore conducted to analyze and establish the suitability and safety of applying omentum to the breast. METHODS Covereing the interval from(More)
Using the results obtained by the non commutative geometry techniques applied to the Harper equation, we derive the areas distribution of random walks of length N on a two-dimensional square lattice for large N , taking into account finite size contributions. Let us consider on a square lattice all closed paths of length N starting at the origin. For such a(More)
BACKGROUND Although its unclear oncological risk, which led to more than 20 years of prohibition of its use, fat grafting to the breast is widely used nowadays even for aesthetic purposes. Thus, we proposed an experimental model in rats to analyze the inflammatory activity, cellular proliferation and levels of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor (PAI-1) in(More)
We develop here a multi-agent model of the creation of knowledge (scientific progress or technological evolution) within a community of researchers devoted to such endeavors. In the proposed model, agents learn in a physical-technological landscape, and weight is attached to both individual search and social influence. We find that the combination of these(More)
Usually, complicated reconstructions demand complex procedures. However, we report an unpublished situation where lipofilling was the only effective procedure for breast reconstruction, once 4 previous procedures, including 2 microvascular free flaps, had failed. The reported case describes a woman without subcutaneous tissue in the left breast topography,(More)
Background The results of experimental studies indicate that grafting of autologous adipose tissue may induce tumorigenesis at the recipient site, but clinical results do not support a carcinogenic effect of fat grafting to the breast. Objectives The authors assessed cancer risk following transplantation of autologous fat into murine mammary tissue. (More)
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