Francisco Castells

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The analysis and characterization of atrial tachyarrhythmias requires, in a previous step, the extraction of the atrial activity (AA) free from ventricular activity and other artefacts. This contribution adopts the blind source separation (BSS) approach to AA estimation from multilead electrocardiograms (ECGs). Previously proposed BSS methods for AA(More)
The analysis and characterization of atrial fibrillation requires the previous extraction of the atrial activity from the electrocardiogram, where the independent atrial and ventricular activities are combined in addition to noise. An independent component analysis method is proposed where additional knowledge about the time and statistical structure of the(More)
This contribution addresses the extraction of atrial activity (AA) from real electrocardiogram (ECG) recordings of atrial fibrillation (AF). We show the appropriateness of independent component analysis (ICA) to tackle this biomedical challenge when regarded as a blind source separation (BSS) problem. ICA is a statistical tool able to reconstruct the(More)
A new method for the assessment of the atrial fibrillatory wave (AFW) from the ECG is presented. This methodology is suitable for signals registered from Holter systems, where the reduced number of leads is insufficient to exploit the spatial information of the ECG. The temporal dependence of the bio-electrical activity were exploited using principal(More)
The ventricular response during atrial fibrillation (AF) presents particular characteristics that may play a relevant role in the selection of the most appropriate treatment. Using different ECG signal processing techniques such as RR histogram analysis or histographic Poincaré plots (PPs) (so-called 3-D PPs), clusters of RR intervals due to preferential(More)
A novel automated approach to quantitatively evaluate the degree of spatio-temporal organization in the atrial activity (AA) during atrial fibrillation (AF) from surface recordings, obtained from body surface potential maps (BSPM), is presented. AA organization is assessed by measuring the reflection of the spatial complexity and temporal stationarity of(More)
In this work two relevant considerations in the ICA-based estimation of atrial activity (AA) in atrial fibrillation (AF) episodes from real electrocardiogram (ECG) recordings are presented. Firstly, the impact of low-pass filtering preprocessing on the extraction quality of AA is analyzed, showing an average improvement over 17% in spectral concentration(More)