Francisco Carrero García

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In the recent years, we have witnessed a dramatic increment in the volume of spam email. Other related forms of spam are increasingly revealing as a problem of importance, specially the spam on Instant Messaging services (the so called SPIM), and Short Message Service (SMS) or mobile spam.Like email spam, the SMS spam problem can be approached with legal,(More)
The access to inapropiate Internet content is an increasing problem that can be approached as a cost-sensitive Automated Text Categorization task. In this paper, we report a series of experiments that compare a representative range of learning algorithms and methods for making them cost-sensitive, on two Web pages collections in Spanish and English. The(More)
Text Classification tasks are becoming increasingly popular in the field of Information Access. Being approached as Machine Learning problems, the definition of suitable attributes for each task is approached in an ad-hoc way. We believe that a more principled framework is required, and we present initial insights on attribute engineering for Text(More)
Effective Web content filtering is a necessity in educational and workplace environments, but current approaches are far from perfect. We discuss a model for text-based intelligent Web content filtering, in which shallow linguistic analysis plays a key role. In order to demonstrate how this model can be realized, we have developed a lexical Named Entity(More)
One of the most promising approaches to Cross-Language Information Retrieval is the utilization of lexical-semantic resources for concept-indexing documents and queries. We have followed this approach in a proposal of an Information Access system designed for medicine professionals, aiming at easing the preparation of clinical cases, and the development of(More)
Internet provides to the children an easy access to pornography and other harmful materials. In order to improve the effectiveness of existing filters, we present POESIA, a project which objetive is to develop and evaluate an extensible open-source Internet filtering software in educational environments.
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