Francisco Carrasquinho Gomes

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Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky's (1979) prospect theory, and the literature building from it, provide theories of risk attitudes based on a few regularities. Most importantly, evaluation of an outcome is influenced by how it compares to a reference point, with people exhibiting both a significantly greater aversion to losses than appreciation of gains,(More)
This paper solves numerically the intertemporal consumption and portfolio choice problem of an infinitely-lived investor who faces a time-varying equity premium. The solutions we obtain are very similar to the approximate analytical solutions of Campbell and Viceira (1999), except at the upper extreme of the state space where both the numerical consumption(More)
This paper uses a large panel of bilateral bank flow data to assess how institutions and politics affect international capital-bank in particular-flows. The following key findings emerge: 1) The empirical "gravity" model is the benchmark in explaining the volume of international banking activities. 2) Conditioned on standard gravity factors (distance, GDP,(More)
Most of society's innovation systems-academic science, the patent system, open source, etc.-are " open " in the sense that they are designed to facilitate knowledge disclosure among innovators. An essential difference across innovation systems is whether disclosure is of intermediate progress and solutions or of completed innovations. We present(More)
BACKGROUND Leishmania parasites cause leishmaniasis in humans and animals worldwide. These parasites are transmitted by phlebotomine sand flies, which become infected upon feeding on an infected mammalian host. We assessed the occurrence of Leishmania infection in small mammals in an area of cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis endemicity. METHODS A total(More)
INTRODUCTION RP (radical prostatectomy) technique continues the major treatment option for men with potential cure and life expectancy exceeding 10 years. The aim of the study is to assess the impact of PSM on BR (biochemical relapse), to identify PSM risk factors, to clarify the factors involved in BR in the absence of PSM. MATERIAL AND METHODS(More)
baço e a percentagem do peso do fígado em relação ao peso corporal foram diferentes quando comparados os animais infectados e controles. O quadro leucocitário dos camundongos infectados apresentou alterações no número de leucócitos totais, neutrófilos e linfócitos. Os exames histológicos do baço e do fígado revelaram alterações nestes órgãos de acordo com a(More)