Francisco Carlos de Oliveira da Silva

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BACKGROUND Local field potentials may allow a more precise analysis of the brain electrical activity than the electroencephalogram. In this study, local field potentials were recorded in the thalamocortical axis of rats to (i) compare the performance of several indexes of anesthetic depth and (ii) investigate the existence of thalamocortical correlated or(More)
Congenital middle ear malformations are rare. Most part of them are usually associated with other malformations, such as aural atresia, microtia, and dysmorphic craniofacial features. A clinical case of a 24-year-old male with a right-sided conductive hearing loss since his childhood, without craniofacial malformation, is presented. He was proposed for(More)
Eighty boars (19.3 ± 2.49 kg) were vaccinated twice (100 and 128 days of age) against gonadotropin releasing hormone (Vivax™ vaccine), for a randomised block design study aiming to evaluate five digestible lysine (DLys) level treatments, with three phase-feeding per treatments (9-8-7; 10-9-8; 11-10-9; 12-11-10 and 13-12-11 g/kg) during the growing-finishing(More)
Primary spontaneous midbrain hemorrhage is a rare clinical event and their principal manifestation are neuro-ophthalmologic abnormalities; as a rule if are of a larger extent, there will be other symptoms as well. This disease is associated with vascular malformation in the brain stem and in some cases is indicated the surgical treatment for evacuation of a(More)
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