Francisco Campillo Díaz

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This article has two-fold aims: it reports firstly the improvement of a speech database in Catalan for speech synthesis (Festcat) with the information about prosodic boundaries using the break index labels proposed in the ToBI system; and secondly, it presents the experiments undergone to determine the acoustic markers that can differentiate among the(More)
In this contribution we describe a corpus-based text-to-speech system for Galician. While traditional concatenative speech-synthesis systems generally employ a quite reduced set of speech units, corpus-based synthesis systems consider many instances of every unit and, by means of dynamic programming techniques, select the sequence of units that minimizes a(More)
In this article we present the main linguistic and phonetic features of Galician which need to be considered in the development of speech technology applications for this language. We also describe the solutions adopted in our text-to-speech system, also useful for speech recognition and speech-to-speech translation. On the phonetic plane in particular, the(More)
This paper describes the result of a joint R&D project between Microsoft Portugal and the Signal Theory Group of the University of Vigo (Spain), where a set of language resources was developed with application to Text–to–Speech synthesis. First, a large Corpus of 10000 Galician sentences was designed and recorded by a professional female speaker. Second, a(More)
This paper will present the morphosintactic tagger and the corpus of contemporary written Galician which are being employed in the development of the Galician version of our tex-to-speech synthesizer. Their quality and accuracy make them useful for speech technology applications and turn them into possible references for further investigation and research(More)
This paper describes the first TTS evaluation campaign designed for Spanish. Seven research institutions took part in the evaluation campaign and developed a voice from a common speech database provided by the organisation. Each participating team had a period of seven weeks to generate a voice. Next, a set of sentences were released and each team had to(More)
Corpus-based speech synthesis performance depends on the skill to model and represent appropriately all the characteristics of the speech units that serve as a basis for concatenation. Although there is usually general agreement in the set of essential features (fundamental frequency, duration, power and phonetic context), it is still an open question the(More)