Francisco Cambronero

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We present a correlative fate map of the nonsegmented caudal hindbrain down to the medullospinal boundary (medulla oblongata), as a companion to a previous fate mapping study of the hindbrain rhombomeres r2-r6 in quail chick chimeras at stages HH10/11 [Marín and Puelles (1995) Eur J Neurosci 7:1714-1738]. For reproducibility and equivalent precision of(More)
Here, we define a gene regulatory network for Hoxa2, responsible for temporal and spatial expression in hindbrain development. Hoxa2 plays an important role in regulating the regional identity of rhombomere 2 (r2) and is the only Hox gene expressed in this segment. In this study, we found that a Hoxa2 cis-regulatory module consists of five elements that(More)
In the different degrees related to Civil Engineering (Civil Engineering Degree and Master in Civil Engineering) final projects usually became a "construction project" and rarely these projects are a "research project". The construction project consists of several parts, most of them has supporting calculations whose results will be reflected in(More)
The regionalization of the neural tube along the anteroposterior axis is established through the action of patterning signals from the endomesoderm including the organizer. These signals set up a pre-pattern which is subsequently refined through local patterning events. The midbrain-hindbrain junction, or isthmus, is endowed with such an organizing(More)
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