Francisco C. R. Fernandes

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Many chemical compounds, including nonfluorescent ones, induce changes in the fluorescence spectra of certain probes, such as berberine cation and Reichardt's betaine, both in the absence and the presence of solvent, that affect almost exclusively emission intensity. In this work, the application of fluorescence detection by intensity changes (FDIC) to HPLC(More)
Effective predictive and management approaches for species occurring in a metapopulation structure require good understanding of interpopulation connectivity. In this study, we ask whether population genetic structure of marine species with fragmented distributions can be predicted by stepping-stone oceanographic transport and habitat continuity, using as(More)
The global redistribution of biodiversity will intensify in the coming decades of climate change, making projections of species range shifts and of associated genetic losses important components of conservation planning. Highly-structured marine species, notably brown seaweeds, often harbor unique genetic variation at warmer low-latitude rear edges and thus(More)
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