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In this paper, we revisit and adapt to viral evolution an approach based on the theory of branching process advanced by Demetrius et al. (Bull. Math. Biol. 46:239-262, 1985), in their study of polynucleotide evolution. By taking into account beneficial effects, we obtain a non-trivial multivariate generalization of their single-type branching process model.(More)
In the present work we analyze the problem of adaptation and evolution of RNA virus populations, by defining the basic stochastic model as a multivariate branching process in close relation with the branching process advanced by Demetrius, Schuster and Sigmund (" Polynucleotide evolution and branching processes " , Bull. Math. Biol. 46 (1985) 239-262), in(More)
Here we show that the transcriptional noise is an emergent property with scale invariance from genome level to the level of small Transcriptional Regulatory Genetic Networks (TRGN). We show that a small set of 9-12 genes reproduces the geometric mean value of transcriptional noise of the largest percolating networks and the whole 93-gene wide TRGN(More)
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