Francisco Boronat Tormo

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Ureteral double-J stents are currently being used widely in numerous urologic indications. Side effects are infrequent and usually related to the act of insertion per se. Complications with long-term indwelling stents are mainly due to stent incrustation and more rarely to spontaneous breakage. We report 3 cases of stent multiple fragmentation after and(More)
INTRODUCTION In 1987 transrectal ultrasound was described like the technique for guiding prostate biopsy. Since that time different options of transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy were described. MATERIAL AND METHODS We did a reviewed of the different techniques and cores distribution in the prostate biopsy, also we describes the patient(More)
OBJECTIVES The formation of calculus in the transplanted kidney is an uncommon complication. Metabolic derangements, infectious or obstructive processes, factors related with the surgical technique and the presence of ureteral catheters have been implicated in its etiopathogenesis. The therapeutic possibilities have changed in the last decade. The different(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE Prostate brachytherapy is a first-line therapeutic approach for localized prostate cancer in selected patients. We present our experience in brachytherapy and a thorough review of the literature. MATERIALS AND METHODS A review of the literature and evaluation of patient's selection was done. Furthermore the implantation(More)
Transurethral needle ablation of the prostate (TUNA) is a new, fast and minimally invasive device that produce a selective necrosis of the prostatic gland by delivering low level radiofrequency energy. We describe our experience with this new technique. A total of 42 patients suffering from symptomatic BPH were treated with this procedure. The original(More)
We report on a case of tuberculous ureteral stricture submitted to balloon dilatation, a procedure currently advocated by many authors as an alternative to surgical correction in benign ureteral stricture. Transluminal balloon dilatation of ureteral strictures is not a standardized technique, although it follows some essential maneuvers. The procedure can(More)
Polyps in the urinary tract are a rare entity in infants and children. The most frequent location when they appear is the ureter. These benign lesions with no malignant potential have a varied form of presentation and in most cases must be distinguished from malignancy. The suspected diagnosis is due to urinary obstruction; nevertheless radiological(More)
Obstructive anuria does not necessarily show a marked dilatation of the urinary tract on evaluation with imaging techniques. A case with acute renal failure of this type is presented. We discuss why this condition is caused and how diagnosis can be made quickly. Likewise, we discuss the length of time we can defer renal diversion before rupture of the(More)