Francisco Bastidas

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The neural crest is a population of cells that originates at the interface between the neural plate and non-neural ectoderm. Here, we have analyzed the role that Notch and the homeoprotein Xiro1 play in the specification of the neural crest. We show that Xiro1, Notch and the Notch target gene Hairy2A are all expressed in the neural crest territory, whereas(More)
Different types of placodes originate at the anterior border of the neural plate but it is still an unresolved question whether individual placodes arise as distinct ectodermal specializations in situ or whether all or a subset of the placodes originate from a common preplacodal field. We have analyzed the expression and function of the homeoprotein Iro1 in(More)
In recent years, research on neural crest induction has allowed the identification of several molecules as candidates for neural crest inducers. Although many of these molecules have the ability to induce neural crest in different assays, a general mechanism of neural crest induction that includes a description of the tissues that produce the inductive(More)
We have previously reported the oxidation of kojic acid catalyzed by manganese peroxidase (MnP) from Ceriporiopsis subvermispora. This reaction is strictly dependent on Mn(II), although it does not require the addition of hydrogen peroxide. We have extended these studies because this reaction can be considered as a model system for the in situ generation of(More)
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