Francisco B. Rodriguez

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The interleaving of chaos and cryptography has been the aim of a large set of works since the beginning of the nineties. Many encryption proposals have been introduced to improve conventional cryptography. However, many of those proposals possess serious problems according to the basic requirements for the secure exchange of information. In this paper we(More)
In this work we present and formally analyze CHAT-SRP (CHAos based Tickets-Secure Registration Protocol), a protocol to provide interactive and collaborative platforms with a cryptographically robust solution to classical security issues. Namely, we focus on the secrecy and authenticity properties while keeping a high usability. Indeed, most interactive(More)
We define a stochastic neuron as an element that increases its internal state with probability p until a threshold value is reached; after that its internal state is set back to the initial value. We study the local information of a stochastic neuron between the message arriving from the input neurons and the response of the neuron. We study the dependence(More)
In recent years, the technology for measuring the diameter and height of standing trees has improved significantly. These enhancements allow estimation of the volume of standing trees using stem taper equations, which traditionally have been constructed with data from felled trees, in an accurate and economically feasible way. A non-destructive method was(More)
One major need in the context of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) is to bridge theoretical proposals and practical implementations. In order to foster easy deployment of PETs, the crux is on proposing standard and well-defined programming interfaces. This need is not completely fulfilled in the case of group signatures. Group signatures are key(More)