Francisco B. Galarza

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This paper estimates the risk preferences of cotton farmers in Southern Peru, using the results from a multiple-price-list lottery game. Assuming that preferences conform to two of the leading models of decision under risk|Expected Utility Theory (EUT) and Cumulative Prospect Theory (CPT)|we nd strong evidence of moderate risk aversion. Once we include(More)
The effective design and implementation of interventions that reduce vulnerability and poverty require a solid understanding of underlying poverty dynamics and associated behavioral responses. Stochastic and dynamic benefit streams can make it difficult for the poor to learn the value of such interventions to them. We explore how dynamic field experiments(More)
* We are in debt to a number of persons that helped us during this research. First, we t thank IEP and CEPES for providing a congenial place to work and discuss our hypotheses and progress. In these two institutions we thank Cecilia Blondet, IEP's Cajavilca for their support. We give special thanks to Hildegardi Venero for her wonderful assistance at the(More)
A major goal of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) is to make accurate images with resolutions of tens of milliarcseconds, which at submillimeter (submm) wavelengths requires baselines up to ∼15 km. To develop and test this capability, a Long Baseline Campaign (LBC) was carried out from 2014 September to late November, culminating in(More)
We analyze the role of physical appearance, race, and sex at the earliest stage of the hiring process, by using a résumé audit study. We randomly assigned surnames and photographs to the 4,899 fictitious résumés sent in response to 1,247 job openings in Lima, Peru. Candidates who are beautiful, have a white-sounding surname, and are males receive more(More)
A study was carried out to evaluate the capacity for mercury volatilization by genetically engineered strains that express the mer and glutathione S-transferase genes from Escherichia coli and Schistosoma mansoni, respectively. This method enabled strains containing simultaneously mer and glutathione S-transferase genes to grow in high concentrations of(More)
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