Francisco Ayala de la Peña

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Activation of oncogenes or inactivation of tumor suppressors in urothelium is considered critical for development of urothelial cancer. Here we report cloning of the urothelium specific promoter uroplakin-II (UPKII) and generation of transgenic mice in which expression of SV40 large T antigen is driven by UPKII promoter. Inactivation of tumor suppressor p53(More)
Background:Our objective was to develop a prognostic stratification tool that enables patients with cancer and pulmonary embolism (PE), whether incidental or symptomatic, to be classified according to the risk of serious complications within 15 days.Methods:The sample comprised cases from a national registry of pulmonary thromboembolism in patients with(More)
The effects of breast cancer conventional chemotherapy on tumor angiogenesis need to be further characterized. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy is an ideal model to evaluate the results of chemotherapy, allowing intra-patient direct comparison of antitumor and antiangiogenic effects. We sought to analyze the effect of neoadjuvant chemotherapy on tumor angiogenesis(More)
This is the first study performed in Murcia (south-eastern Spain) in which 592 families with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer were identified thanks to Genetic Counselling Units from this area over 6 years. Diagnostic performance was 18.1% and 194 different genetic variants were obtained. Variants with uncertain significance accounted for only 5.6% of(More)
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