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The purpose of this study was to survey the frequency of Candida spp. in patients with chronic atrophic candidiasis (CAC), to differentiate Candida species and to assess the prevalence of certain(More)
beta-N-Acetylhexosaminidase (HEX, E.C. from larvae of the ixodid tick Boophilus microplus was purified to capillary zone electrophoresis homogeneity, and characterized. Enzyme purification(More)
The resumption of ovarian activity, uterine health, severity of the negative energy balance and the synthesis of inflammatory mediators during the transition period in dairy cows are interrelated.(More)
This study assessed the antiproliferative effect in vitro of the flower hexane extract obtained from Mentha spicata associated with Mentha rotundifolia against the human breast adenocarcinoma(More)