Francisco Augusto Alcaraz García

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IMPORTANCE Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. In 2016, an estimated 134,000 persons will be diagnosed with the disease, and about 49,000 will die from it. Colorectal cancer is most frequently diagnosed among adults aged 65 to 74 years; the median age at death from colorectal cancer is 68 years. OBJECTIVE To(More)
OBJECTIVE Un Abrazo Para La Familia (A Hug for the Family) is an intervention designed to increase the accessibility of cancer information to low-income and medically underserved co-survivors of cancer. Co-survivors are family members or friends of an individual diagnosed with cancer. Our goal was to increase socio-emotional support for these co-survivors(More)
Cancer is a family experience, and family members often have as much, or more, difficulty in coping with cancer as does the person diagnosed with cancer. Using both family systems and sociocultural frameworks, we call for a new model of health promotion and psychosocial intervention that builds on the current understanding that family members, as well as(More)
Assessment of investment profitability with discounted cash flows has proven insufficient when industry structures change. Managers need an extended flexibility in decision– making that DCF analyzes cannot offer. Real Option valuation as a method for improving flexibility in investment decisions has been widely researched but less used in business. With(More)
We discuss Un Abrazo Para La Familia as an effective, rehabilitation-informed evidence-based model of education, information-sharing, and skill teaching for use with low-income Hispanic co-survivors of cancer. Over 2 years, 120 co-survivors participated in the intervention. The majority of participants (96 %) were women and all but one reported being(More)
BACKGROUND Gynecologic endoscopic procedures are increasingly common and require the ability to control large vascular structures. METHOD The Filshie clip is a silicone-lined, titanium occlusive device, originally designed and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved for surgical contraception. This device also has the potential for occluding vascular(More)
Bowel injury is an uncommon but recognized risk of operative laparoscopy. Because of the significant morbidity that can occur with this complication, it is important that clinicians be aware of its incidence, presentation, and management. This manuscript outlines the common causes of bowel injury, including herniation and traumatic bowel perforation.(More)
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