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– The implementation of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) has produced a revolution in the traditional way of the university education is done. In the new paradigm, the evaluation of the work carried out by the student in a continuous way conduct us to the use of technological resources for supervising the activities carried out in particular, off(More)
Applying the concepts of "quality" and "innovation" in daily teaching is not an easy task. In this paper a Web tool to support the use of a code of good teaching practice based on quality and innovation is presented. The code has been applied during several years in Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, but the platform could be used in other(More)
Assessment of students and the evaluation of their satisfaction has been an important element in the improvement of teaching quality in all the Higher Education areas. Specifically the student participation in Computer Science (CS) and Information System (IS) has been highlight valued. Thus a large number of methodologies and standard tools regarding(More)
Nowadays, recycling issues has reached also the electrical machines engineering. Paper as " Principios de Diseño para Reciclar Motores de Inducción " [1] is an example of the interest of this matter within the engineers and professor all around the world. Students seem to be particularly interested in recycling, especially if its is applied to energy(More)
– The development of educational web pages has become one of the main tools used by institutions and teachers in engineering courses. However, these pages are usually constructed following teacher's criteria, instead of finding out the true usefulness for students. The main objective of this work is to analyze the usability of several educational web pages(More)
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