Francisco Alvarez Berciano

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Congenital absence of the posterior arch of the atlas (C1) is rare and even more presenting with a double spinous apophysis of the axis (C2). It is important to keep in mind these cervical congenital abnormalities when evaluating an acute neck trauma because of the possibility of making an erroneous diagnosis of a fracture. This case report is about a(More)
Exhaled nitric oxide has become a new diagnostic tool in pediatric daily practice. It provides valuable information on the nature of the underlying inflammation, being useful to establish the diagnosis and to differentiate which patients could benefit more from the anti-inflammatory treatment. As well, it can be useful in predicting asthmatic exacerbations(More)
Chronic cholesteatomatous otomastoiditis is a rare entity in childhood, and its spontaneous intra- or extracranial fistulization is even more uncommon. The otologic sequelae are always important, especially when the disease is long standing. The agents causing chronic otomastoiditis are the same as those that can cause otitis. When there is associated(More)
Bronchiectasis is still an important health problem in both, developed and developing countries. Cystic fibrosis is one of the most important causes, but a great variety of other causes makes non cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis a relatively frequent diagnosis. Early diagnosis based on medical history and radiological confirmation is only the starting point(More)
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