Francisco A. Pizarro

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This work is part of a project to develop an expert system for automated classification of the sleep/waking states in human infants; i.e. active or rapid-eye-movement sleep (REM), quiet or non-REM sleep (NREM), including its four stages, indeterminate sleep (IS) and wakefulness (WA). A model to identify these states, introducing an objective formalisation(More)
BACKGROUND Yeast is considered to be a workhorse of the biotechnology industry for the production of many value-added chemicals, alcoholic beverages and biofuels. Optimization of the fermentation is a challenging task that greatly benefits from dynamic models able to accurately describe and predict the fermentation profile and resulting products under(More)
Lipids play a central role in cellular function as constituents of membranes, as signaling molecules, and as storage materials. Although much is known about the role of lipids in regulating specific steps of metabolism, comprehensive studies integrating genome-wide expression data, metabolite levels, and lipid levels are currently lacking. Here, we map(More)
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