Francisco A. Leon

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Prior studies indicated the ability of Abs to complement receptor 3 (CR3, CD11b/CD18) to suppress the production of IL-12 from immune cells. Therefore, we tested the ability of an anti-CR3 Ab (clone M1/70) to treat established IL-12-dependent Th1-mediated inflammation in murine models. Systemic administration of anti-CR3 significantly ameliorated(More)
We explored the role of Peyer's patch (PP) dendritic cell (DC) populations in the induction of immune responses to reovirus strain type 1 Lang (T1L). Immunofluorescence staining revealed the presence of T1L structural (sigma1) and nonstructural (sigmaNS) proteins in PPs of T1L-infected mice. Cells in the follicle-associated epithelium contained both sigma1(More)
A support group for parents of children with hyperkinetic disorder: an empowerment model, Clinical Child Psychology and (2003) The role of caregiver strain and other family variables in determining children's use of mental health services, Journal of Child temperament, ADHD, and caregiver strain: exploring relationships in an epidemiological sample, Journal(More)
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