Francisco A. Godoy

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This work defines and compares three content measures that characterize topological relations between rectangular regions in a two-dimensional space. These content measures use simplified views of spatial objects in order to create an efficient mechanism for capturing the topological content of spatial configurations. The content measures are compared based(More)
A constant challenge of current spatial information systems is the retrieval of spatial configurations. This paper describes a new approach to retrieving spatial information whose novelty lies in using a content measure of topological relations to search and index spatial configurations. This approach uses a tree-based schema to index relations between(More)
Capital structure arbitrage refers to the practice of exploiting relative pricing inefficiencies in the market by taking long and short positions across different instruments and asset classes of the capital structure of the same firm. This project is a practical investigation into the risk, return and implementation-wise complications of capital structure(More)
Querying heterogeneous spatial databases involves not only characterizing and comparing the information content of several databases, but also navigating or accessing the data sets with the query answer. This work proposes a formalism that relates the information content of data sets by three basic types of correspondence relations: data equivalence ,(More)
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