Francisco A. C. Vaz

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In this paper new EMMA data regarding European Portuguese nasals is presented. Some details about corpus constitution, recording and annotation is given. First results from analysis are presented. Quantitative analysis of velum movement was done for nasal vowels between stops. For the other contexts representative examples are presented and qualitatively(More)
A new articulatory synthesizer (SAPWindows), with a modular and flexible design, is described. A comprehensive acoustic model and a new interactive glottal source were implemented. Perceptual tests and simulations made possible by the synthesizer contributed to deepen our knowledge of one of the most important characteristics of European Portuguese, the(More)
In this paper we study the effect of source changes, caused by vocal tract load, in perception of nasality. For that we have developed an articulatory speech synthesizer, including a comprehensive nasal tract model and an interactive glottal source model. Our main objective was to investigate to what extent is necessary, in systems aimed to produce high(More)
1 1 Resumo-Neste trabalho descreve-se a implementação de um programa que permite explorar o sintetizador de Klatt num ambiente laboratorial com objectivos didáticos. A interface com o utilizador permite a fácil edição dos parâmetros de síntese. Desta forma o estudante pode alterar de um modo fácil e rápido as características de uma vogal podendo de imediato(More)
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