Francisca Romero

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The cellular glutathione (GSH) content of two- and three-dimensional cell cultures of V79 hamster lung cells has been studied. As previously described, cells in monolayer cultures show a decrease in GSH when they reach the confluent state. Three-dimensional cell cultures (multicell spheroids) allow a smoother transition from the initial proliferating to the(More)
The paper deals with the mechanical design of a new active stance-control knee-ankle-foot orthosis (SCKAFO). The orthosis is intended to provide gait assistance for incomplete spinal cord injured patients that present functional hip muscles, but partially denervated knee and ankle muscles. It consists of a passive compliant joint that constrains ankle(More)
The combined application of Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) and Cluster Analysis to the automatic smoothing of raw kinematic signals is an alternative to the use of traditional digital filtering and spline based methods. SSA is a non parametric technique that decomposes original time series into a number of additive time series each of which can be easily(More)
OBJECTIVE Diabetes mellitus seems to induce an special difficulty to control the high blood pressure. This effect is more severe on the SBP. Previous reports suggest that a new angiotensin receptor blocker, eprosartan, might have a higher efficacy to reduce SBP. It has been evaluated the BP decrease obtained with eprosartan in a group of diabetics patients(More)
A novel technique has been developed for semiquantitative detection of glutathione (GSH) in small volumes of liquid samples. GSH is detected via enzymatic linkage to the NADP/NADPH + H+ redox system through glutathione reductase. Accumulated NADPH is measured via the bioluminescent FMN oxidoreductase bacterial luciferase reaction. A linear correlation is(More)
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