Francisca Reig

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The pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of enrofloxacin were determined after IV and IM administration of 5 mg/kg of body weight to 6 healthy adult rabbits. Using nonlinear least-squares regression methods, data obtained were best described by a 2-compartment open model. After IV administration, a rapid distribution phase was followed by a slower(More)
Collagen-coated small unilamellar liposomes were prepared by incubation of two hydrophobic derivatives of collagen (average Mr 50 000) with preformed vesicles. The introduction of hexyl and lauryl residues to the collagen molecule improved by 10-fold the ability of collagen to coat liposomes. In vitro stability of the different coated vesicles prepared, was(More)
In the peptide-targeted therapy for cancer, peptides are used to reach a selective and specific target in cancer cells. Peptides are used free or coupled to chemotherapeutic drugs, phagues, proteins, polymers, liposomes, and polymer-grafted liposomes. Using this latter approach, the pentapeptide YIGSR was coupled to the distal end from carboxyl groups of(More)
The physicochemical interactions between an active peptide sequence derived from laminin and phospholipids have been studied. The main aim is to determine the suitability of this peptide fragment to be linked to liposome's with the purpose to develop targeting devices. Results indicate that this peptide is able to insert in lipid monolayers and also to form(More)
The influence of four laminin-derived peptides on bilayer organization is studied. Spectroscopic methods applied were based on pyrene fluorescence properties (quenching, I1/I3, and monomer/excimer equilibrium), asymmetric membrane fluorescence (NBD-PE/dithionite), and polarization fluorescence (TMA-DPH). Also, the ability of these peptides to release(More)
A series of enkephalin analogues (Tyr-Gly-Gly-Phe-Leu-C-NH-R;R=C6,C8,C10,C12 and C14; C=CH2 groups) with increasing hydrophobic character have been tested behaviourally in the analgesic hot plate and tail flick tests. The analogues were administered intraperitoneally and were found to possess anti-nociceptive activity. The results indicate that apparently(More)
Regarding the alpha-chymotrypsin-catalyzed synthesis of Z-Tyr-Arg-NH2, the effect on the reaction yield of the following experimental factors is discussed: DMF/buffer proportions, reaction temperature, and donor/nucleophile ratios. The experimental design shows that relatively better yields are obtained by increasing the reaction temperature and lowering(More)
The synthesis on solid phase of a peptide sequence (GGRGRS) related to an integrin adhesion site as well as the preparation of some hydrophobic derivatives is described. The incorporation of these peptides to the surface of liposomes was carried out either through the NGPE (N-glutaryl dipalmitoyl phosphatidyl choline) carboxyl-group or mixing hydrophobic(More)
Previous work from our group showed that the entrapment of HAV-related synthetic peptides into multilamellar liposomes yielded satisfactory immunoresponses when administered to mice. In the present work we report investigative results for several liposome formulations of a 20-mer peptide related to VP3 capsid protein of HAV. In this sense, the recently(More)