Francisca Miralles

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Introduction: An artificial complete skin (dermis and epidermis) model has been developed in the Tissue engineering unit of the Centro Comunitario de Sangre y Tejidos del Principado de Asturias (CCST) and CIEMAT. This engineered skin has been employed for the treatment of severe epithelial injuries. In this paper, the clinical results obtained with this(More)
This study sought methods in burn surgery to reduce postoperative pain and blood loss at donor sites. A prospective, randomised, controlled, blinded trial included 56 people undergoing burn surgery, divided into two groups. Both groups received subcutaneous infiltration at donor sites, with either 1:500,000 adrenaline solution containing added lidocaine or(More)
Various studies carried out over the last decade have shown that high glucose levels in the blood foster ischaemic brain damage associated with a worse evolution of such pathologies. The aim of the study we performed was to try to shed some light on whether stress in these patients raised their glucose levels adding to a worsening of the patient's clinical(More)
INTRODUCTION The presence of muscarinic receptors on lymphocytes and possible modifications in their number and affinity may be related to cholinergic changes found in muscarinic receptors at a central level. OBJECTIVE The objective of this paper is to bring the technique for the determination of lymphocyte muscarinic receptors by means of their union(More)
We have studied the plasmatic levels of the growth hormone (GH) in a control group consisting of 72 subjects with an average age of 69.7 +/- 8.4 years and in a group of 37 patients with an average age of 69.3 +/- 9.6, of which 28 were demented (15 with degenerative dementia and 13 with non-degenerative dementia); 8 suffered from Parkinson's disease, and the(More)
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