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Criteria-Based Content Analysis (CBCA) reality criteria in adults: A meta-analytic review
Background/Objective: Criteria-Based Content Analysis (CBCA) is the tool most extensively used worldwide for evaluating the veracity of a testimony. CBCA, initially designed for evaluating theExpand
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Undeutsch hypothesis and Criteria Based Content Analysis: A meta-analytic review
The credibility of a testimony is a crucial component of judicial decision-making. Checklists of testimony credibility criteria are extensively used by forensic psychologists to assess theExpand
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Assessment of a community rehabilitation programme in convicted male intimate-partner violence offenders
Resumen en: In Spain, the mandatory community rehabilitation of convicted male intimate-partner violence offenders opens new avenues for the treatment of these offen...
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Assessment of the Standard Forensic Procedure for the Evaluation of Psychological Injury in Intimate-Partner Violence
Abstract In judicial terms, a victim refers to any person who has suffered injury arising from an action or omission of an action that constitutes an offence, and the burden of proof lies with theExpand
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Predictors of Anxiety towards Computers.
Abstract The relations between anxiety towards computers and the variables: trait anxiety, anxiety towards mathematics, perceived impact of computers on society and experience in using computers wereExpand
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Child-to-parent violence and parent-to-child violence: a meta-analytic review
In order to examine the literature on the relationship between child-to-parent violence and parent-to-child violence, a meta-analytic review was designed with 26 effect sizes assessing theExpand
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Assessing Impression Management With the MMPI-2 in Child Custody Litigation
Forensic psychological evaluation of parents in child custody litigation is primarily focused on evaluating parenting capacity and underreporting. The biased responses of underreporting have beenExpand
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Social Competence and Delinquent, Antisocial, and Non-Deviant Behavior in Adolescents
Los comportamientos antisociales, tanto delictivos como no delictivos, han sido tratados en la literatura como un conjunto. Estos comportamientos antisociales han sido relacionados con la carencia deExpand
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Parenting Coordinator: An Analysis of Spanish Judicial Reasoning
A parenting coordinator (PC) is a professional who inter­venes in judicial contexts involving high conflict parental litigation in order to safeguard the child’s best interest, as well as dealingExpand
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