Francisca Emanuelle Vieira

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Antacid (AA) in a very low dose (88 mmol/day) was compared to the standard 800-mg dose of cimetidine in healing duodenal ulcers. The influence of sex, age, symptom duration at entry, night pain, smoking, coffee consumption, and alcohol on ulcer healing was studied. The antacid was given in two different schedules: group I-20 ml 1 hr after breakfast and at(More)
When looking at science and technology today, we find a recurrent problem to many fields: <i>how to cover a search space consistently and uniformly</i>. This problem is encountered in robotics (searching for targets), optimization (searching for solutions), mathematics and computer science (graph traversals), and even in software engineering (the main(More)
Like in other fields, computer products (applications, hardware, etc.), before being marketed, require some level of testing to verify whether they meet their design and functional specifications -- called <i>functionality test</i>. The general process of performing functionality test consists in the production of a <i>test plan</i> that is then executed by(More)
The relationship between chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer was studied in 97 patients, 51 with duodenal ulcer and 46 with gastric ulcer. Six biopsies (three from the antrum and three from the body) were obtained under direct vision by means of an Olympus panendoscope. Chronic gastritis was classified according to the grade of inflammation (slight or(More)
This prospective multicentric randomized open trial was designed to evaluate the efficacy of ranitidine 150 mg bid vs 300 mg nocte in the short-term (4 weeks) treatment of duodenal ulcer in 15 Brazilian centers. On the basis of a randomization table 190 patients with endoscopically confirmed duodenal ulcer were allocated to receive either ranitidine 150 mg(More)
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