Francisc Popescu

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BACKGROUND Presently, different studies are conducted related to the topic of biomass potential to generate through anaerobic fermentation process alternative fuels supposed to support the existing fossil fuel resources, which are more and more needed, in quantity, but also in quality of so called green energy. The present study focuses on depicting an(More)
The aim of the study is to identify transport patterns that may have an important influence on PM10 levels in two European cities, namely Szeged in East-Central Europe and Bucharest in Eastern Europe. 4-Day, 6-hourly three-dimensional (3D) backward trajectories arriving at these locations at 1200 GMT are computed using the HYSPLIT model over a 5-year period(More)
The paper focuses on describing the complex problems concerning air quality monitoring and the necessity and utility of the control and automatic data acquisition system for the interpretation of the results. The paper relates to the experience and long term practice of the authors in monitoring air quality. The build up and control of the station is(More)
What one experiences today as atmosphere is a transient snapshot and result of its evolutionary history. Much of the development and present status was explained based both on scientific knowledge, and combined with established facts, even speculation. The planet Earth was formed around 4600 million years ago by the gravitational accretion of relatively(More)
1) Department of Mechanical Machines, Technology and Transportation, “Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Bv. M. Viteazu 1, RO-300222 Timisoara, Romania 2) Tehnički fakultet "Mihajlo Pupin", Univerzitet u Novom Sadu (Technical Faculty “Mihajlo Pupin”, University of NoviSad), Đure Đakovića bb, 23000 Zrenjanin, Republic of Serbia 3) Department of(More)
We present a method to obtain approximate polynomial solutions for a class of second order nonlinear differential equations arising in heat transfer problems. We apply this method to find a approximate polynomial solution for the nonlinear temperature distribution equation of a thick rectangular fin. Key-Words: Nonlinear differential equation; boundary(More)
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