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To make academic research relevant, researchers should try out their theories with practitioners in real situations and real organizations. or is bad research and is now defeated, but that qualitative approaches are now accepted as equal in value to quantitative approaches when used appropriately. Whether or not an approach is appropriate depends on the(More)
This paper outlines how the grounded theory methodology was adapted to develop a process model of collaboration in virtual teams. The data analysis was conducted using an adapted version of open coding, axial coding, and selective coding procedures offered by Strauss and Corbin (1990). In applying the grounded theory procedures, the objective was to stay(More)
Current trends indicate that the prevalence of ontologies will continue to increase within many domains. They are already commonly used to define controlled medical terminologies and form the backbone of the Semantic Web initiative. Very few tools that support versioning of ontologies are currently available, and those that provide difference detection and(More)
As healthcare looks for new and innovative ways to deliver more services with less resources we are increasingly turning to informatics based solutions. However, the means by which information systems (IS) are both designed and implemented will impact how successful the system will be at enhancing care delivery. We believe a key component to successful IS(More)
BACKGROUND Personal Health Records (PHRs) are electronic health records controlled, shared or maintained by patients to support patient centered care. The potential for PHRs to transform health care is significant; however, PHRs do not always achieve their potential. One reason for this may be that not all health conditions are sensitive to the PHR as an(More)
This paper describes the findings of a literature review conducted on the current usage, lessons, and limitations of e-learning for undergraduate medical education with an emphasis on synchronous delivery in the first 2 years. The review was conducted as part of an initiative to expand the UBC undergraduate medical program in British Columbia, Canada. The(More)