Francis Xavier

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This work was designed to study nychthemeral variations of plasma corticosterone and aldosterone in captive female lizards Lacerta vivipara. In preliminary experiments, the possible alterations of plasma corticosteroids by various stress factors were researched. A prolonged blood sampling (up to 8 min) did not alter plasma corticosterone levels but a(More)
The focus of this article is on multi-organizational cross-sector social partnerships, an increasingly common means of addressing complex social and ecological problems that are too extensive to be solved by any one organization. While there is a growing body of literature on cross-sector social partnerships, there is little focus on collaborative strategic(More)
The key role of the individual in the venture start-up process is unquestioned. Yet, attempts to use individual-level variables to predict who will start a business have had limited success. The cognitive literature shows promise in this regard. However, most research strategies emerging from it rely on retrospective accounts from successful founders. This(More)
Cryopreservation and thawing of haematopoietic stem cells are associated with cell loss and infusion-related toxicities. We analysed viability, total nucleated cell (TNC) and CD34+ cell recovery, and infusion-related toxicities of 952 thawed and washed products. Mean TNC and CD34+ viable cells recoveries were 55.9+/-18.6 and 98.0+/-36.5%, respectively. Mean(More)
The synthesis of steroids in vitro by adrenal glands from female Lacerta vivipara J., using various labeled steroids as substrates, was studied. Effects of two enzymatic inhibitors (cyanoketone and elipten) on steroid synthesis was analyzed. As in other reptilian species, no 17-hydroxycorticosteroids were detected and the major biosynthetic pathway(More)
The role of sympathetic nerve activity in the changes in arterial blood pressure and renal function caused by the chronic administration of N G-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (L-NAME), an inhibitor of nitric oxide (NO) synthesis, was examined in sham and bilaterally renal denervated rats. Several studies have demonstrated that sympathetic nerve activity is(More)
0022-2836/02/040663±14 $35.00/0 The three-dimensional crystal structure of the bacteriophage f29 connector has been solved and re®ned to 2.1 AÊ resolution. This 422 kDa oligomeric protein connects the head of the phage to its tail and translocates the DNA into the prohead during packaging. Each monomer has an elongated shape and is composed of a central,(More)
Variations of adrenal activity were studied in captive viviparous females Lacerta vivipara, in relation to breeding activities. The study was restricted to the period of active life which includes both the phase of annual reproduction and a phase of sexual inactivity. Significant seasonal changes in plasma corticosterone levels were measured with a peak(More)