Francis X Sullivan

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alpha(1,3)Fucosylated oligosaccharides represent components of leukocyte counterreceptors for E- and P-selectins and of L-selectin ligands expressed by lymph node high endothelial venules (HEV). The identity of the alpha(1,3)fucosyltransferase(s) required for their expression has been uncertain, as has a requirement for alpha(1,3)fucosylation in HEV(More)
The dinucleotide CpUOH, when incubated with self-splicing Tetrahymena pre-rRNA in the absence of GTP, functions as a 5' exon. It cleaves the precursor exactly at the 3' splice site and becomes covalently ligated to the 3' exon. Other oligonucleotides with sequences that resemble CUCUCU, the sequence at the 3' end of the 5' exon, can add to the 3' exon in(More)
The Tetrahymena rRNA intervening sequence (IVS) excises itself from the pre-rRNA and then mediates its own cyclization. We now find that certain di- and trinucleotides with free 3' hydroxyl groups reopen the circular IVS at the cyclization junction, producing a linear molecule with the oligonucleotide covalently attached to its 5' end. This linear molecule(More)
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