Francis Turjman

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In this paper, the use of nonseparable wavelets for tomographic reconstruction is investigated. Local tomography is also presented. The algorithm computes both the quincunx approximation and detail coefficients of a function from its projections. Simulation results showed that nonseparable wavelets provide a reconstruction improvement versus separable(More)
In this paper, a new multiresolution reconstruction approach for fan-beam tomography is established. The theoretical development assumes radial wavelets. An approximate reconstruction formula based on a near-radial quincunx multiresolution scheme is proposed. This multiresolution algorithm allows to compute both the quincunx approximation and detail(More)
In this paper, we propose a new wavelet-based reconstruction method suited to three-dimensional (3-D) cone-beam (CB) tomography. It is derived from the Feldkamp algorithm and is valid for the same geometrical conditions. The demonstration is done in the framework of nonseparable wavelets and requires ideally radial wavelets. The proposed inversion formula(More)
Flow diversion prostheses represent a new endovascular approach aimed at treating patients with large wide-neck aneurysms. Our objective is to present this new technology, to review the clinical studies on efficacy, and to emphasize its current limits. Flow diversion prostheses consist of a cylinder made of a large number of braided microfilaments providing(More)
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