Francis Scholten

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To determine the optimal site for antegrade puncture of the femoral artery, the authors evaluated three cadaver specimens and computed tomographic (CT) scans of 50 patients. The relationships among the common femoral artery, the femoral artery bifurcation, the center of the femoral head, and the inguinal ligament were evaluated. CT showed that the center of(More)
Dynamic changes in curvature are expected in the femoropopliteal region during knee flexion. The location of the artery dorsal to the axis of movement implicates a relative length excess that may influence local morphology. To study arterial morphology in vivo, magnetic resonance angiography was performed in 22 healthy volunteers (aged 23-68 y). The(More)
The majority of lower limb arterial occlusions are located in the distal third of the thigh. However, the exact location of occlusions in relation to the surrounding anatomy has never been examined. Duplex ultrasound was used to determine the location of femoropopliteal occlusions in 50 patients by comparing the level of occlusions to the level of the(More)
There is limited data on stigma among older HIV-infected adults in sub-Saharan Africa. We describe the experiences of stigma and disclosure in a cohort of HIV-positive older people in Uganda. Using data from the Wellbeing of Older Peoples' Study of Kalungu (rural site) and Wakiso district (peri-urban site) residents, we measured self-reported stigma levels(More)
In the lower extremities, the adductor canal hiatus is a site of predilection for arterial stenoses and occlusions. The high incidence of vascular disease in this region is thought to be due to a local factor. To gain more insight into the mechanisms leading to such disease, the authors used ultrasound to locate the adductor canal hiatus in dissecting room(More)
THERE ARE several direct methods to measure the flow velocity in human blood vessels, such as ultrasound, thermodilution, electromagnetic flowmetry and washout techniques. Ultrasound techniques have limited spatial resolution and can only be applied in easily accessible places, and thermodilution, electromagnetic flowmetry and washout techniques require(More)
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